Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer fully automatic with inbuilt printer

ETO Sterilizer for Hospital

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Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer fully automatic with inbuilt printer

he use of heat for effective sterilization has a long history, but with the advent of certain materials like plastic / rubber etc., which are damaged by high temperatures of 121oC or 136oC materials can be damaged by excessive moisture. The alternative method which can sterilize medical goods at much lower temperatures i.e., 37oC or 50oC was found out way back in the 1940s when researchers came out with the method of gaseous sterilization and the gas used was ETHYLENE OXIDE (C2H4O). Ethylene Oxide is used to sterilize range of medical / surgical devices, Dehydrated agricultural products, herbal extracts, spices etc. It is a DRY and COLD process, except LIQUIDS of all items can be sterilized safely and most effectively. ETO has got excellent permeability and is an effective sterilizing agent. It destroys all known micro-organisms viz. Thermopiles bacteria, spores, viruses and fungi etc. under specific conditions.

  • Entire process fully automated (microprocessor based)
  • Capacity : 2, 4, and 4.5 cubic feet In AISI SS 304, AISI SS 316, M.S, MOC, in Standard & CGMP Model Construction
  • Warm / cold cycle facility.
  • Sterilisation / Aeration in same chamber
  • Process indicators for cycle status
  • Auto shut OFF
  • Auto / Manual changeover
  • Extra chamber depth (CATH LAB Model)
icon Simple and safe to operate
icon Does not need skilled personnel for its operations
icon Operates on domestic power supply only
icon Extremely low electrical consumption
icon Smooth radial assembly for door opening / clossing
icon Cartridge puncturing inside chamber under vacuum
icon Available various models operating on EO+CO2 or cartridges
icon Mixture in cylinders / pure Etylene Oxide cartridges available.


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